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Xuzhou Medical College is a national university located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China. The university was established in 1958 as the Jiangsu Provincial Medical School. Initially, it was the Xuzhou branch of the Nanjing Medical College. In 1959, Xinhailian Academy was merged into the university. In 1960 the school was official changed to the Xuzhou Medical College. In 2000, Xuzhou Health School was merged into the college effectively becoming a comprehensive medical university. Anesthesia subject in Xuzhou Medical College has enjoyed great reputation since its establishment. It is one of the most essential subjects selected by Jiangsu Government and China Education Department.

XZMC offers a full range of courses for 18 undergraduate programs, which covers the major medical discipline specialties, including Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Optometry, Medical Imageology, Technology of Medical Examination, Medical Informatics, Medical Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, Nutriology, Stomatology, Oral Restoration Technology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical preparation, Biomedical Engineering and Public Administration, Medical Imaging Engineering. Anesthesiology and Pharmacology are national characteristics key projects. Clinical Medicine specialty also recruits international students. The college has four bachelor programs in Medical - Clinical Medicine, Higher Nursing, Diagnostic Radiology and Laboratory medicine, and three master's programs, Medicine, Medical Genetics, and Surgery. There are over 3000 graduate students, undergraduate students, and adult education students. During the past decade, the college has turned out over 2000 junior and senior undergraduates.

There are 115 members of faculty and staff, 10 administrators and 95 teachers. In which, over 30 have professorship or associate professorship and nearly 40 have middle-level titles. The college also has one attached hospital of second rate in the third category, and two indirectly attached hospitals of third rate in the first category, totaling over 1200 sickbeds. The college also has nearly 20 hospitals distributed throughout Shaanxi Province that are used for practical teachng, all are above the third category. From 2005 XZMC began to recruit international students for M.B.B.S.. Now the school of international education has more than 100 international students from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Comoros. This year our college also opened the post graduate program in basic and clinical fields. XZMC is on the list of authorized universities to recruit international students by Ministry of Education of China, and every year more than 50 new students come to study.


In XZMC international student dormitory, we provide solar water heaters, air conditioners, heaters and internet. Every room has independent bathroom and washroom. Our college has set up the Muslim food canteen especially for students who have religions.

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