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MBBS in Italy

As an Indian student seeking MBBS abroad, are you wondering if Italy is the best destination? In this blog, let's discuss all the topics of MBBS in Italy for Indian students. Pursuing an MBBS in Italy provides a world-class medical education and the opportunity to experience everything this fascinating country has to offer. 

Why Should You Study MBBS in Italy? 

Here are some reasons why you should consider studying MBBS in Italy: 

Affordable Education:   Compared to other Western countries, the cost of education in Italy is low. Normally the cost of an MBBS in Italy is depending on the university and the scholarship you get. Since Italy has a low cost of living, you can also save on living costs. 

 Most Famous Universities : Italy has some of the oldest and most famous universities in Europe, especially in the field of medicine. The best MBBS schools in Italy are Humanitas University, Sapienza University of Rome and  University of Milan. These colleges have the best facilities, faculties and curriculum for MBBS students. They also have global recognition and recognition from organizations such as WHO, MCI, WFME (International Federation of Medical Sciences), FAIMER (International Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine 

 Education and Research Foundation) and ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

Scholarship Opportunities:  Many Italian universities  offer scholarships and financial aid to  students who qualify based on  academic  and entrance exam scores. The most popular scholarships for MBBS in Italy are EDISU Piedmont, University of Bologna Scholarships and Italian Government Scholarships. 

Courses  in English :  Many Italian universities  offer MBBS programs in English, making it easier for Indian students to take courses and communicate with professors and colleagues. You can also learn Italian as a foreign language to enhance your cultural experience. 

Globally Recognized Diploma : A six-year course focusing on individual study, analytical thinking and class discussion. After completing your MBBS  in Italy, you can practice medicine anywhere in the world as long as you pass the country's licensing exams. With the MBBS degree you receive from Italy, you can pursue higher education or research in Italy or other countries. 

State-of-the-art facilities :  Italian universities  have modern infrastructure and facilities for medical education and research. It also has tie-ups with reputed hospitals and clinics for  training and internships. 

First Degree Post MBBS in Italy :  MBBS in Italy is a six-year program covering all aspects of medical education, from basic science to medicine and clinical practice. The program follows the international education model: two semesters per year and six weeks of study time. The program is taught in English, but students may learn Italian as a second language. Here are some important courses that students can take after MBBS. Programs 


  •  General surgery 
  •  Cardiac surgery 
  •  Brain surgery 
  •  Orthopedics 
  •  Plastic surgery

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