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Formally known as the Republic of Poland, the USA is a Unitary Kingdom and is made of Sixteen Voivodeships. It’s far the 6th, in terms of the population, inside the European Union. Its miles taken into consideration to be one of the fastest developing economies of EU. The education gadget of the country is considered to be twenty third in programme for international student evaluation carried out with the aid of OCED as the schooling begins as early as on the age of 5 in the country .In terms of human development, Poland ranks highest in the list.

Historians accept as true with that this country dates back to 966 AD. Thecountry has been ruled through different dynasties since its beginning. Records depicts that people of Poland have participated in diverse uprisings in opposition to one-of-a-kind governments. In 1952, the country changed into officially announced as peoples’ republic of Poland. It became a member of EuropeanUnion in 2004 and joined Schengen Vicinity in 2007. As a result, the global border of the country becomes dismantled permitting unfastened motion inside EU.
The country shares its boundary with Germany, CzechRepublic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The landmass of this country covers seven geographical areas. The rural prospect of this country is excessive and is one of the leading producers of potato and rye in European. It’s far taken into consideration to be the bread basket of EU. It’s also the breeding floor of migratory birds.
Thecountry has a long history of providing first-rate training in medical courses. Those tiers are recognized in European as well as by means of the medical councils of different countries. World Health Organization recognizes the tiers conferred by means of exclusive universities of this country. European credit transfer machine in these country. The medium of preparation of medicalstudy is in English, and this draws students from remote places to pursue medical tiers within the country. The government of the country offers the supply of blue card for experts, which helps them to get an activity and relax within thecountry.

Length of this course is of 6 years, but prior to it you need to go througha preparatory direction of 12 months. This path abides by using the bologna procedure. TheMBBS direction may be divided into wonderful components. During the two preliminary years, know-how concerning basics of medical sciences is imparted to students. Regularly, they may be added to the scientific aspect of the circulation. The ultimate 4 years of this direction incorporates of theoretical and sensible training. After completing and effectively passing the very last examination, college students are presented a degree.

Noted universities that provide this course is medical Academy of Gdansk, Medical Academy of Bialystok, Medical College of Lodz, MedicalCollege of Bydgoszcz, Jagiellonian University MedicalCollege and Medical University of Lublin. These are some of the top elegance universities that offer state-of-the-art facility to the scholars.

Poland is a rapidly growing economy in Europe. It is well-known for its Jewish heritage as well as medieval architecture. It is an active member of the European Union. It boasts a rich and diverse culture. It has seen remarkable growth in recent years. The incredible growth will be evident in all areas.

The location is ideal and the natural beauty of the area is a major attraction. People travel from all parts of the world to Poland today to discover Europe and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. International tourists love it. It is a great place to study higher education in Poland. Today, it has become one of the favorite destinations for Indian students looking for MBBS IN POLAND from the reputed medical universities.

Poland's capital is Warszawa (Warsaw), and Polish is its official language. It is a member of several international organizations that are recognized worldwide. Some of these include the United Nations (UN), United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund for (UNICEF), Schengen Area, European Union (EU), Organisation for Cooperation and Development, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, International Monetary Fund, International Monetary Fund, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations (UNESCO), World Health Organisations (WHO), and many others.

Attracting thousands of students to study at the university is easy with the key factors such as the climate, food and peaceful environment, greenery, and top faculties.MBBS in PolandEvery year. It is the most popular choice for Indian students who are interested in Overseas Education.


Take-up for MBBS in Poland September 2021
Polish MBBS Percentage 60% in PCB
NEET Requirement Yes, it's compulsory
Fees Structure Annual Cost: 8000 to 12000 USD
Hostel Monthly Cost: 200 to 250 USD
Time Internships for 5 and 1 Years
Medium for Instruction Polish and English Language
Top Medical University Medical University of Gdansk and Medical University of Silesia
Recognize MCI and WHO have approved


A rising percentage of literacy is a sign of the high standard of education in the country. For those who wish to study medicine, the favorable environment is ideal. The Polish higher education system is highly internationalized.

Regular monitoring and strict evaluations are done to ensure that the quality of education and training is maintained for both Polish and foreign students. It is an active participant in the Bologna process. This three stage system of the education modeled on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies offers the facility to the foreign and Polish students can continue their education from elsewhere in the European Union (EU).

Poland is fourth today in terms of higher education enrollment. The number of students applying to the various courses at the universities in Poland increases each year. The unmatched facilities and excellent results in Poland are the reason for this increase in the number of applicants.

A number of top-ranked medical universities in Poland have been established over the past few years. They offer a state of the art education in medicine and infrastructural support. All medical degrees awarded by universities are endorsed by various internationally recognized health organizations, including MCI and WHO. The golden chance is open to all eligible candidates.


To study medicine at any one of the Polish universities, there is a specific criteria that must be met. These are:

  • The applicant must be at least 17 years old and be less than 25 years as of 31 December of the application year.
  • A science background is required.
  • An applicant must have had a minimum of two years experience in English and subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
  • The MCI has changed its rules to require that all applicants who wish to study at a foreign university must pass the NEET exam with a minimum percentile.
  • For applicants from the SC/ST/OBC group, the minimum required percentile for those who apply is 50%. English and PCB are the main subje3cts.


Although it was difficult to become a successful doctor in the past, it is now possible. Get ready to discover your potential and live the life you want. Poland is now one of the most popular destinations for Overseas Studies.

Poland is a great place to study MBBS. There are many factors that make it so. The global platform will allow you to meet thousands of international students from all walks of life, regardless of their culture, religion, or background, who will work together to fulfill their dreams of completing the MBBS degree. You meet new people and share your stories. You also enjoy studying with serious aspirants who are serious about their professional studies.

You can work in the medical sector anywhere in the world after completing your MBBS degree in Poland. All medical degrees are valid and approved worldwide.


  • The tuition fees to study MBBS in Poland are reasonable
  • These are the top MBBS schools in Poland, and they are among the best medical universities worldwide.
  • Poland occupies a unique position in Europe
  • The education quality is unsurpassed and the medium of instruction is English for the MBBS program in Poland
  • It is easy and straightforward to apply online for MBBS in Poland
  • There is no admission exam or entrance exam.
  • In comparison to other countries that offer the opportunity to study medicine abroad, the cost of living in Poland during MBBS is comparatively affordable
  • The Coaching for FMGE / MI Screening Test is offered during MBBS in Poland for students' convenience and time savings
  • Stipends and scholarships are available to students enrolled in MBBS programs in Poland.
  • Students from India are attracted to the warm hearted atmosphere, the prevailing climate, the experienced faculties, the comfortable accommodation, and the excellent weather conditions.


Many medical universities are located in Poland, including the capital. The best MBBS program is available in Poland today. The tuition fees, food, hostel and other expenses are much lower than in other countries. Each year, students from all corners apply for admission to the different courses in medicine and higher education.

  • Medical University of Bialystok
  • Lodz Medical University
  • Jagiellonian University medical College Krakow
  • Medical University of Lublin
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  • Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University Ludwik Rydygier Collegium Medicum In Bydgoszcz
  • Medical University of Gdansk
  • Wroclaw Medical University
  • Medical University of Silesia, Katowice
  • Warsaw Medical University

Students can choose the college or university they want to attend. We at Study Sevenseas will help you get into the best medical school in Poland. Our experienced staff will take care of your concerns and make sure you have a stress-free study abroad experience. For any information or assistance, candidates can reach us at any time.


Studying medicine in Poland could open up new opportunities for you in India and beyond. For students who are interested in a bright career in medicine, the international medical universities of Poland offer a variety of courses in medicine.

Many courses are offered at the top Polish medical universities. Many courses are popular with foreign and Polish students, including 6 year general medicine, 5 year dentistry, 5 year pharmacy, 5 years pharmacy, 3year nursing, foundation course programs, and 4th-year graduate entry.

Not only are students from India, Norway and Sweden, USA and Canada, but also from countries such as India, Nigeria, Ghana or Turkey. Every year, students enroll in different paramedical and medical courses at the Polish medical universities.


Here you will find information about the fees and expenses associated with the MBBS program at the Polish medical universities. For your convenience, the calculation and details of the amount are provided. For more information, please contact us.


Year Established 1999
Recognize MCI & WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Criteria for Eligibility NEET - 10+2 with 50% marks
Languages of Study English
Last Date to Apply April 2021


Year/Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fees Total Expenses
1. 46000 PLN 5400 PLN 51400 PLN
2nd year 46000 PLN 5400 PLN 51400 PLN
Third Year 46000 PLN 5400 PLN 51400 PLN
Fourth Year 46000 PLN 5400 PLN 51400 PLN
Fifth Year 46000 PLN 5400 PLN 51400 PLN
6th Year 46000 PLN 5400 PLN 51400 PLN
Total Fee 276000 PLN 32400 PLN 308400 PLN


Year Established 1950
Recognize MCI & WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Criteria for Eligibility NEET - 10+2 with 50% marks
Languages of Study English
Last Date to Apply April 2021


Year/Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fees Total Expenses
1. 12200 EURO 3000 EURO 15200 EURO
2nd year 11100 EURO 3000 EURO 14100 EURO
Third Year 11100 EURO 3000 EURO 14100 EURO
Fourth Year 11100 EURO 3000 EURO 14100 EURO
Fifth Year 11100 EURO 3000 EURO 14100 EURO
6th Year 11100 EURO 3000 EURO 14100 EURO
Total Fee 67700 EURO 18000 EURO 85700 EURO


Year Established 1945
Recognize MCI & WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Criteria for Eligibility NEET - 10+2 with 50% marks
Languages of Study English
Last Date to Apply April 2021


Year/Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fees Total Expenses
1. 10800 EURO 3000 EURO 13800 EURO
2nd year 10800 EURO 3000 EURO 13800 EURO
Third Year 10800 EURO 3000 EURO 13800 EURO
Fourth Year 10800 EURO 3000 EURO 13800 EURO
Fifth Year 10800 EURO 3000 EURO 13800 EURO
6th Year 10800 EURO 3000 EURO 13800 EURO
Total Fee 64800 EURO 18000 EURO 82800 EURO


Year Established 1954
Recognize MCI & WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Criteria for Eligibility NEET - 10+2 with 50% marks
Languages of Study English
Last Date to Apply April 2021


Year/Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fees Total Expenses
1. 14000 EURO 3000 EURO 17000 EURO
2nd year 14000 EURO 3000 EURO 17000 EURO
Third Year 14000 EURO 3000 EURO 17000 EURO
Fourth Year 14000 EURO 3000 EURO 17000 EURO
Fifth Year 14000 EURO 3000 EURO 17000 EURO
6th Year 14000 EURO 3000 EURO 17000 EURO
Total Fee 84000 EURO 18000 EURO 102000 EURO

*Miscellaneous costs include text books, Resident Permit Extension, and Medical Insurance.
Candidates from India can take advantage of the affordable MBBS tuition and complete their dreams of completing MBBS in Poland.


Study MBBS in Poland takes 5 years, while an apprenticeship lasts 1 year.
These are the steps to take when you apply for medical studies abroad.

Step 1: Online application for college is required. You will need to share the 12th leaving certificate, Grade 11, 11 and 12 mark sheets with a valid passport.

Step 2: After you have completed Step 1, you will receive your confirmation letter within four working days of receiving your application. Send the following documents along with your passport to our office. The confirmation letter will be sent by the college concerned. Your passport will be stamped with your student VISA. Before you can begin this process, you will need to pay the second portion of your handling fees. We will need your passport. Depending on the Embassy process and work, your Visa will be given to you as soon as possible.

Step 3: After you have received your welcome letter from the University, your admission letter from the college and your student visa, you can fly to the desired medical college to complete your MBBS in Poland.

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