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From the past years, there has been a huge inclination of students for studying MBBS abroad. MBBS in Uzbekistan is one of the worthy decisions for Indian students to study medicine abroad. Studying in medical universities of Uzbekistan provides a higher caliber of education, treating territorial pathology, learning diagnostics, handling the patients, practice in healthcare and many more.

About Uzbekistan

 Language  Uzbek & English
 Population  3.2 crores in 2017
 Capital  Tashkent
 Climate   Average of climate ( -2°C  to + 32°C)
 Currency   Uzbekistani Som
 Exchange Rate  1 INR = 127.19 UZS
 Religion  Muslim & Christian
 Time Difference with India  -30 Minutes
 Total Area  4,47,400 km²

Uzbekistan is among those countries where you will be going to find a rich culture and also the surroundings will excite you. Officially, it is pronounced as the Republic of Uzbekistan, and it is a country in Central Asia. When it comes to looking at the countries which are surrounding Uzbekistan, then it includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. It is quite interesting to see that this country is enriched with a lot of diversity, culture and heritage which let people explore it more. If you are looking forward to settling in Uzbekistan for any reason you can consider the example of pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan then you need to know about it.


Why choose Uzbekistan for mbbs? 

  •  All Universities are Government.
  •  Low tuition fees - Quality education in affordable budget 
  •  The faculties in the universities hold high experience and knowledge in their respective industry.
  •  Most of the medical universities here offer MBBS education in 100% English language.
  • The medical universities of Uzbekistan are recognized by NMC, WHO & other renowned medical councils of other countries.


Tashkent Medical Academy- Urgench 

  •  Tashkent Medical Academy is one of the most highly ranked medical schools for MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Key features 

  • The institute offers world-class education at affordable tuition fees.
  •  The institute accounts for regional factors like religious freedom, law defence which are critically important for Asian and Latin American countries.
  •  With well-equipped classrooms, basic science and clinical laboratories, training centers and clinical bases impart world-class education to young minds.
  •  The university has cooperation with international scientific and educational centers that provides knowledge and exposure to students.
  •  The experienced staff at the university always strives to implement advanced teaching methodology that enhances clinical and interpersonal skills of the students.


  •  Exposure to Hospitals from first year of Education and practical study on “Cadavers” (Human Body).
  •  Highly qualified English-speaking Teachers. Hostel Facilities with Indian Food.
  •  The Institute has indoor Canteen/Mess Facility. Indoor sports & outdoor sports facilities.
  •  Very Low Fee Structure compared to India for similar Education pattern.
  •  Nearest destination from India. Direct flights up to Tashkent from India with 3 hours Journey.
  •  Study with International Students and get international exposure.
  •  Peaceful, Safe & Secure. No Law & Order problems. Safe for Girls.

 Fee Structure Of Uzbekistan's Top Universities-

Universities      1st     Semester        2nd Semester   Final Year Total  

Total fees(2nd to 6th)

Per Year

  Grand Total (All 6 Year)  
     US$  INR      US$  INR   US$   INR       US$  INR    US$  INR 
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute    3750   300000      1750  140000   5500    440000     3500  280000   23000   1840000 
Tashkent Medical Academy    5300  4240000      1500  120000   6800   5440000     3500  280000  24300  1944000
Tashkent Medical Academy(Urgnech Branch)    3750   300000     1500  120000   5500    440000     3500  280000  24300  1944000
Tashkent Medical Academy(Termaze Branch)    3700   296000     1500  120000   5200   416000    3000  240000  20200  1616000

Samarkand State Medical Institute

   4100    328000     1900  152000  6000   480000    3800  304000  25000  2000000
 Nukus Medical University    3300   264000     1500  120000  4800   384000    3000  240000  19800  1584000

From 2nd Year Medical Insurance Charge Will Be : 200US$/Anum

Note: First Year Charge Included:- Tution Fee, Hostel Fee, Medical Insurance, One Time University Charges, RegistrationFee+ Administrative Charges+ Hostel Security+ Mess Security+ Health Check up+ Residence Permit+ Lab Charges+ Liabrary Chrage+

Processing Fees:- One Time Ticket + Pick & Drop Facility. Admission Letter + Document Charge + Visa Conversion + Immigration Clearance + Transportaion & Stay + Other Support.

Hostel IS Subject Of Available

Food Charge :- (1200$ per Year), Hostel & Food From 2nd Year Option,

Duration: 6 Years Fee and Expenses Details (1USD = Rs.80INR)

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