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By choosing the Termez branch of Tashkent Medical Academy, you will get hands-on training from some of the smartest medical minds in the world. Obtaining a medical degree in Uzbekistan and especially at the Termez branch of Tashkent Medical Academy offers a huge range of graduate and postgraduate courses as well as excellent resources and support facilities.
We welcome a great amount of international students at the Termez branch of Tashkent Medical
Academy every year.
Training centres and clinical bases provide world-class instruction to young minds with well-equipped classrooms, fundamental scientific and clinical laboratories, and clinical bases.
The university has departments, which are well equipped to help our students in acquiring the best of knowledge. We have well-established links with employers, professional bodies, clinics and research organizations.
Upon completion of the MBBS program, students may practice MBBS/Medicine in government hospitals in the same country. Indian students who wish to study MBBS in this Medical University, English medium MBBS courses are available, so language barriers are not an issue.


Educational process at Termez branch of Tashkent Medical Academy
The educational process in the branch is carried out using modern teaching technologies, the professors and teachers of the branch meet all the requirements of the reforms and changes implemented in the education and health care system.
The educational process in the branch is carried out in accordance with the educational directions on the basis of the Law "On Education",
"State Education Standards" and "Qualification Requirements".141 professors and teachers are engaged in scientific and pedagogical activities in Termez branch of Tashkent Medical Academy. They include 7 professors, 6 doctors of science, 21 candidates of science, and 17 associate professors. The branch has 5 undergraduate and 20 clinical residency courses in 4 faculties, and the educational process is conducted in Uzbek, Russian and English languages. In the 2023-2024 academic years, the total number of students in Termez branch of TMA is 3,629, of which 1,515 are girls and 2,114 are boys. The number of students from India is 195. These students are studying in 1-2-3 courses. This determines the prestige of the branch in foreign higher education institutions.

Welcome to the Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy! Director of the Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy


  1. Obstetrics and gynaecology

  2. Endocrinology

  3. Therapy (in directions)

  4. Otorhinolaryngology

  5. Cardiology

  6. Ophthalmology

  7. Infectious diseases

  8.  Neurology (nerve diseases)

  9. General oncology

  10. Psychiatry

  11. General surgery

  12. Neurosurgery

  13. Urology

  14. Anaesthesiology

  15. Resuscitation

  16. Traumatology and orthopaedics

  17. Forensic medical expertise

  18. Pathological anatomy

  19. Phthisic Pediatrics (by directions)

  20. Dermatovenereology (skin venereal diseases)


For the majority of Indian medical aspirants, studying medical in Termez branch of Tashkent medical academy Uzbekistan is the best choice. A six-year, reasonably priced MBBS program in English is offered by Termez branch of Tashkent medical academy Uzbekistan. Medical schools is fully furnished with the most recent scientific developments, cutting-edge equipment, labs, and libraries to instruct and prepare future medical professionals to be exceptional physicians.
Merits Since Uzbekistan is one of the world's fastest-growing countries, the Medical program offers a wonderful opportunity for exponential growth. One of the benefits of studying medicine in Termez branch of Tashkent medical academy is that the Termez branch of Tashkent medical academy NMC accredited.
It is well known that Uzbekistan is a liberal, multicultural nation. Students can feel at ease and easily fit into the nation's lifestyle because of its broad and inviting culture. The advantages of studying Medical in Termez branch of Tashkent medical academy are numerous. The course and curriculum are designed to compete with the most esteemed medical universities in the world, and the educational quality is unmatched. English is the language of instruction in this location, so the students will not have any problem following their lectures. The Termez branch of Tashkent medical academy Medical course has more emphasis on the practical aspects of education.

Features of our University Hostels include:

  • Convenient Location: Situated within the university campus, our hostels offer easy access to academic buildings, libraries, and recreational facilities, ensuring that students can immerse themselves fully in campus life.

  • Comfortable Accommodations: Our hostel rooms are well-furnished and equipped with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable living experience for students. Each room is designed to provide a conducive environment for study and relaxation.

  • Safety and Security: The safety and security of our students are paramount. Our hostels are equipped with round-the-clock security measures and surveillance cameras to ensure a safe and secure living environment.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: High-speed internet connectivity is available throughout the hostel premises, enabling students to stay connected with their studies and the outside world.

  • Recreation Facilities: In addition to academic pursuits, we believe in the importance of recreation and relaxation.Our hostels offer recreational facilities such as common rooms, indoor games, and outdoor spaces where students can unwind and socialize with their peers.


We understand the importance of nutritious and delicious meals in supporting the overall well-being of our students.
Our Indian Mess facility provides wholesome and homely meals, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of our student community.

Details of our Indian Mess services include:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: Our Indian Mess offers three nutritious meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to ensure that students have access to wholesome food throughout their stay in the hostel.

  • Variety and Flavor: Our menu is carefully curated to offer a diverse range of Indian dishes, including regional specialties and popular favorites. We strive to provide flavorful and balanced meals that cater to different dietary requirements and preferences.

  • Hygiene and Quality: We prioritize hygiene and quality in food preparation and service. Our kitchen facilities adhere tostrict hygiene standards, and our experienced culinary team ensures that meals are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

  • Dining Experience: The dining hall provides a welcoming and comfortable ambiance for students to enjoy their meals together. It serves as a hub for social interaction and community bonding, fostering a sense of belonging among students from diverse backgrounds.

At our University Hostel and Indian Mess, we are dedicated to providing students with a holistic living experience that supports their academic pursuits and overall well-being.

Why Choose Tashkent Medical Academy Termez branch

  • Low Tuition fees - Quality education in affordable budget
  • The faculties in the universities hold high experience and knowledge in their respective industry.
  • Most of the medical universities here offer MBBS education in 100% English language.
  • The medical universities of Termez branch are recognized by NMC WHO & other renowned medical councils of other countries.
  • Studying in medical colleges of Uzbekistan gives a most excellent calibre of training, regional pathology, learn diagnostics, taking care of the patients, practicing medical care, and many more benefits.
  • Termez branch makes progress in medical innovation, and this is clear when we look at some of the country's pioneering achievements.
  • By choosing to study MBBS at the Termez branch of Tashkent Medical Academy, you will be able to observe the next medical revolution up close. You will also have the opportunity to work alongside top medical professionals to develop your career with the potential to help people worldwide.
  • Termez branch offers some of the best internship and work opportunities for students studying MBBS in Uzbekistan and other countries.
  • There are also opportunities to work for medical research facilities, some of whom are charities, to build your CV and gather important experience.
  • Since the medical degree obtained at Termez branch is recognized globally, you can also choose to return to your native country or go to a different country to work after finishing your studies.

Fee Structure Of Tashkent Medical Academy Termez Branch

Universities      1st     Semester        2nd Semester   Final Year Total  

Total fees(2nd to 6th)

Per Year

  Grand Total (All 6 Year)  
     US$  INR      US$  INR   US$   INR       US$  INR    US$  INR 
Tashkent Medical Academy(Termaze Branch)    3700   296000     1500  120000   5200   416000    3000  240000  20200  1616000

From 2nd Year Medical Insurance Charge Will Be : 200US$/Anum

Note: First Year Charge Included:- Tution Fee, Hostel Fee, Medical Insurance, One Time University Charges, RegistrationFee+ Administrative Charges+ Hostel Security+ Mess Security+ Health Check up+ Residence Permit+ Lab Charges+ Liabrary Chrage+

Processing Fees:- One Time Ticket + Pick & Drop Facility. Admission Letter + Document Charge + Visa Conversion + Immigration Clearance + Transportaion & Stay + Other Support.

Hostel IS Subject Of Available

Food Charge :- (1200$ per Year), Hostel & Food From 2nd Year Option,

Duration: 6 Years Fee and Expenses Details (1USD = Rs.80INR)

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