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Beihua University is a state-owned public university in Jilin City, Jilin, China. Beihua University is a provincial comprehensive university with the most extensive scope in Jilin Province. It is situated in the Rime Metropolis and Charming City - Jilin, which is known as best ski resorts and ideal place for winter sports. Developing from 1906 and through the merger of three colleges in 1999, now Beihua has become a top-ranking university owning four campuses, which totally occupy an area of 1,263,700 square meters with a floor space up to 830,300 Sq. meters. Beihua University (Jilin Medical College) founded since 1906, recognized by WHO 1958. Beihua University is a province owned comprehensive university. Approved by the ministry of education, it is the composition of the original Jilin, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College, Teacher's college and Jilin electrification Academy. It is situated in Jilin City, which is famous for its seasons.

The university has four campuses the south the north the east and the west campus, which totally cover 1.263 million square meters with 777 thousand, square meters construction area. The gross value of its equipment is 1.58 billion RMB and there are 1.519 million books in the library. "Journal of Beihua University" and "Speech and Eloquence" are publicly issued in home and abroad. The University has 4 affiliated hospitals. The affiliated hospital of Beihua University covers 54,000 square meters. The hospital can accommodate 738 beds with 300,000 outpatients and 13,000 in patients annually. It is a large general "A-Rate of Three Grades" hospital with perfect department system, responsible staff structure, advanced medical technology and precise medical equipment. The hospital has 174 High ranked professional staffs, 270 mid-ranked medical staff and 107 professionals with doctor and master degrees.


MBBS admission in aboardJilin Medical College predecessor is the Private Midwifery School established by Song Zhongrao in 1928.In December 1947; it was received by the Educational Department of Kuomintang in Jilin and renamed as The Midwifery School of Jilin City. In March 1948, when Jilin City was liberated, the Jilin Provincial People's Government combined it with Hua Ying Advanced Midwifery Vocational School. In 1949,it was renamed as The Medical Cadres School. In November 1973,it was renamed as "Jilin Medical College". By 1999, Jilin medical college had already become a medical teaching and research center. It had trained all kinds of 14000 graduates altogether for the country, most of whom has already become the backbone in the area of the health care, medical education, scientific research.

MBBS admission in aboardThe predecessor of Forestry College is the School of Forestry, which was established in 1952 in Hejia village in Chang Chun city. In October 1953, the school moved to the South of River in Jilin City. In March of 1958,it was renamed "Forestry College of Jilin Province", In May 1960,it was renamed as the "Forestry College of Jilin City". By 1999, Jilin Forestry College had already become the center of forestry education and scientific research and a local college with multi-discipline and multi-level. The predecessor of Jilin Electrification Academy is the earliest vocational school of Jilin Province--the Vocational School of Jilin Province. It was established in September 1920, and in 1958, Electrification College was established in Jilin City. In June 1959, with the approval of Ministry of Metallurgical industry, the college was promoted as "Jilin Metallurgy Electrification School". In October 1984,it was renamed as the Electrification Technological School. By 1999, the Electrification College had already developed into high-level industrial colleges with a history of 79 years. Alumnus' of the college are working all over the country and has made a huge contribution for the country.

Since the foundation of Beihua University, it follows the development principle of higher education college combination and inherits the excellent traditions, which has been accumulated from the four original colleges, benefits from the reformation fruits of the higher education, explored the optimal way the college combination.

Beihua University locates itself as a key provincial comprehensive university which should center on the teaching students in undergraduate level, develop graduates education, foreign student education and adult education, regard teaching as its root and research as its route and serve for the society. Under the direct supervision of the university are 20 colleges, 5 teaching auxiliary units, 5 teacher training research centers and 20 science research institutes. Beihua University offers 57 undergraduate degree programs and 20 diploma programs including Medicine, Science, Technology, Agriculture, Law, Economic, and Management etc. Among them, 37 majors can grant master degree two are the important disciplines of the province and other two are important provincial constructive disciplines. Beihua University has almost 30,000 full time students and around 2000 international students. Beihua University has a highly qualified faculty of 1500 full time teachers, of whom 131 are professors, 450 associate professors.

Beihua University plays a significant role in the development of the northeast industrial basement, local economy and cultural service with motivation in the field of research. Since the integration of Beihua University, it has undertaken almost three hundred programs on the provincial level or above it. Accumulating longitudinal program funds as much as 13 million Yuan. Now it has 400 programs under research. 4 of them are on the national nature science, and one developing plan of the united nation. The university regards highly international exchange and cooperation taking advantage of the scientific achievements and of school running of foreign universities exploring our road of internationalization and modernization in the communication of national culture and the achievements of the world civilization. It has successively established exchange and cooperation relation with 21 countries universities or educational institution from countries like America, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Russia United Arab Emirates and Malaysia etc.

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