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About International Medical College

  1. The International Medical College & Hospital (IMC) is among the most prestigious medical colleges in Bangladesh that provides the highest quality medical education. The International Medical College Tongi, Bangladesh is establishing in the year 2000. The college is aiming to become a top healthcare institution and position it as a centre that is a leader in the field of medical research and education. It hopes to attract talented students as well as teachers and researchers from all across the globe. IMC is one of the most sought-after destinations for medical students who are looking to finish their education in Bangladesh. The college offers world-class learning opportunities, International Medical College Tongi (IMC) is home to a skilled professor and doctor.
  2. International Medical College Bangladesh is recognized by the WHO, World Health Organization (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC), National Medical Council (NMC), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) The Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC)

Studying MBBS in International Medical College Bangladesh

MBBS within Bangladesh is a great opportunity at a reasonable cost. The quality of teaching in medical schools in Bangladesh is significantly more extensive, with an average of 27-30 percent over any other nation. The country offers a superior educational level compared to other counties. Medical degrees awarded in Bangladesh are accepted by the National Medical Council (NMC). MBBS in Bangladesh gives the chance to participate in various international conferences and seminars. Bangladesh medical schools are renowned for their high-end facilities and maintaining labs to aid in the training of medical students. It is simpler to be accepted into Bangladesh medical schools. All medical schools in Bangladesh offer education in English.

Why the International Medical College & Hospital

All students from across the globe come to IMC to receive medical training. IMC is a top-ranked school in Bangladesh. IMC provides a variety of extracurricular activities. It is renowned for its world-class facilities on campus for both sports and recreation.

They boast a thriving socio-cultural group and regularly host the largest celebration of medical schools, Pulse. Students from all over the globe and facilitates interactions with students from other streams of study, exposing the world to different perspectives and concepts.

Different courses are offered by IMC

IMC offers a variety of classes for medical students who are looking to further their knowledge in this field.

  1. MBBS
  2. B. Sc. in Nursing
  3. Post Basic B. Sc. in Nursing
  4. B. Sc. in Health Technology (Laboratory)
  5. ESL

How to Apply in International Medical College Bangladesh IMC

The admission process to a college is easy and quick, but must fulfill the basic requirements before making an application the International Medical College (IMC)

  • Students must have aged 17 or older on the 31st day at the time of their admission. A valid and valid certificate must be presented for this
  • 2. There should not be any academic gap for students with a 2 years of academic gaps are not permitted to attend
  • The applicant to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh must have at least 60 percent marks from the 10+2 exam. Additionally, the candidate must be able to pass Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their primary subjects.
  • The minimum GPA of HSC/SSC or similar must be 8.0
  • The candidate must also be able to GPA at least 3.5 in Biology
  • The candidate has to be qualified in NEET under the condition that the candidate wants to be a physician in India after completing the course.
  • Procedure for Admission to the International Medical College Bangladesh
  • One of the most crucial steps that must be completed is to pick the program at an International Medical College in which the student would like to enroll. The student should choose the correct course and then go through the instruction for the course thoroughly before taking the next step.
  • Once the course has been selected, the student must complete the online application and then send the scan copies of the documents by e-mail.
  • The college will examine the document and then send the invitation letter to the university, ensuring that the documents are in line with the requirements of the college.
  • Once the invitation has been received, the student must pay the fee for enrolment using the internet using a payment system such as net banking.
  • When the student has received the certificate, the student should apply for a Visa immediately. The student should not delay arriving in Bangladesh within a couple of days.
  • Prior to entering Bangladesh before arriving in Bangladesh, the student has to make sure that for the first year the course fees are made payable to their college. When students in Bangladesh it is necessary to provide all original documents necessary for the purpose of registration at the college in a successful manner.

Documents required for admission

  • A scan of the passport.
  • A total of ten copies Passport size photographs
  • Scanned copies of mark sheet for class 10
  • Scanned copies of the marking sheet for class 12
  • The certificate of passage is issued by the college or the university

A valid authority must be present. The complete document must be notarized and attested. Prior to the admission process being started, all documents must be checked.


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