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Eastern Medical College & Hospital

  1. It is a medical school that is private located in Bangladesh which was established in 2005. This is the main school located in Kabila, Burichang Upazila, Comilla District, Chittagong Division located near the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. It is associated to Chittagong University and Chittagong Medical University. It has a five-year degree program that concludes with the bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. All graduates are required to complete a one-year course of work following the graduation. This is because the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council recognizes the diploma.
  2. The requirement for the internship is to get BMDC certification to perform medical practice. In October 2014 The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare established a ceiling on tuition and admission fees for private medical schools in the amount of 1990,000 Bangladeshi Takas (US$25,750 for 2014).

Affiliation and Recognition of Eastern Medical College & Hospital

  • Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC)
  • Eastern Medical College Eastern Medical College is affiliated to Chittagong University. University of Chittagong.

Why Study MBBS at Eastern Medical College & Hospital

  • A one of the sought-after medical schools located in Bangladesh to study MBBS studies. The college gives an internationally renowned medical degree at an affordable tuition.
  • Reputable and highly qualified instructors are available to offer international students the best education available.
  • For the best educational experience make sure you hire experienced teachers.
  • The most optimal learning environment.
  • Girls and boys share separate accommodation in hostels.
  • Students are provided with classrooms that are air-conditioned.
  • Schools of medicine that are certified from the WHO as well as MCI/NMC.
  • A library that has a huge collection of books.

Advantages of MBBS in Eastern Medical College & Hospital

Eastern Medical College in Bangladesh was founded to offer medical students an extensive education as well as professional development

  • The academic faculty is made up of highly skilled teachers, and the hospital attached is of the best quality and fully equipped with modern conveniences. This will aid students to gain understanding, skills, and the mindset to tackle local health issues and provide the foundation needed to prepare them for higher education.
  • Each year, around 45 percent of the seats are allotted to international students.
  • The institute is a world-class center for high-quality education and research.
  • There is no requirement to take any language entry tests to be admitted into this school.
  • The hostel is walking distance of shopping centers as well as cafeterias, restaurants as well as bus stops.
  • A decent food establishment is also available to students from across the globe.
  • You can be assured of high-quality clinical procedures.
  • Serving others comes with a sense of obligation.
  • The college is also involved with issues of social concern.
  • Because the school believes in a holistic growth of every student, it hosts a variety of sports competitions and encourages students in them in order to keep them active and physically fit.
  • In addition to sports, numerous cultural events are scheduled regularly. The college is a celebration site for all important Indian festivals, including Holi, Diwali, Eid and many more.

Duration of Study in Eastern Medical College & Hospital

The college has an academic program that is approved for five years from the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) which leads to the Bachelor of Medicine or Master of Surgery (MBBS) qualification earned from Chittagong University of Chittagong Medical University. After having passed the final professional exam an internship of one year is mandatory. The requirement for the internship is to get BMDC certification to practice medicine.

Faculties of Eastern Medical College & Hospital

The college provides numerous academic as well as non-academic services and advantages students, including libraries as well as housing, sports facilities as well as academic counseling careers. Institutions hospitals, and administrative services to give them the opportunity to experience a higher level of studying and researching.

  • Dentistry Faculty
  • Faculty of Gynaecology
  • General Medicine
  • Physical Medicine

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Eastern Medical College & Hospital

The eligibility criteria for Indian students seeking admission to MBBS in Eastern Medical College stated as the following:

  • Qualification examinations (HSLC/'A level) or equivalent exams must be completed.
  • SSC/'O' level or similar exam completed.
  • HSC/'A' or similar exam passed.
  • Minimum aggregate GPA of SSC/'O' level or similar tests, as well as HSC/'A' or equivalent exams: 7:00 (seven)
  • Minimum GPA required in SSC/'O' levels or equivalent examinations as well as HSC/'A' and equivalent exams: 3.0
  • A minimum Biology GPA 3.5 This means that no one can be accepted with less than 60 points GPA of Biology.
  • The top five subjects are used as part of the GPA calculation based on the mark earned in the SSC/'O' level exam or equivalent examination. Therefore, the GPA at the O level is equivalent to (total marks scored from the five top subjects)/5.
  • When the GPA is lower five, an additional subject is taken into consideration (five).
  • Three subjects (physics along with chemistry, physics, along with biology) are included in GPA calculation based on the marks that was scored in the HSC/'A' or equivalent examination. This means that the GPA at the 'A' level is equivalent to (total marks achieved in the 3 of the top subjects)/3.
  • Students must bring their necessary marks for their NEET exam...


Admission Process of Eastern Medical College & Hospital

Eastern Medical College admission process is as follows:

  • Fill the Application Form
  • Documents for academic submission like X & XII mark sheets (educational certificates) or birth Certificate, NEET scorecard, and Passport size photos.
  • Admit cards authenticated by Bangladesh High Commission, Delhi
  • Passport
  • Students are required to submit an application for a 'Visa Invitation letter' to be eligible, you need the following documents: Passport Medical Fitness Certificate HIV Report Passport size photos with white backgrounds
  • Visa stamping is the final step to be able to apply for admission in Delhi.
  • When the university has received the student's application after which the school will issue an acceptance letter to the student to the student for Eastern Medical College admission. There's no requirement to submit an application at the DGHS to obtain an equivalent certificate following receipt of the letter of offer, simply bring the mark sheets and all the necessary documents at Bengal Deputy High Commission, Kolkata with the payment of 60 dollars to receive a DGHS approval.

Documents that are required to be submitted for admission to Eastern Medical College & Hospital

  • Certificates for SSC and HSC/equivalent examinations
  • Photographs of passport size
  • Application form
  • Transfer certificate
  • National identity card for medical certificate
  • Bank receipt with valid passport
  • NEET scores are calculated based on the validity of a passport
  • Passing certificate Invitation letter
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Certificate of Migration
  • Certificate of Caste
  • Certificate of HIV test
  • Report on Covid-19
  • Transfer certificate

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