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About Bangladesh Medical College

Bangladesh is among those countries that students of India, China as well as Nepal in addition to other countries pursue medical studies. MBBS at the Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka is not only affordable but has many benefits. Such as

  • Low-cost, affordable tuition that usually includes accommodation and meals.
  • MBBS at Bangladesh Medical Colleges is approved and recognized by a variety of organisations i.e., NMC, WHO and WHO, among others.
  • Students have many chances to attend different seminars as well as conferences or research-related projects.
  • Climate, culture and food exchange in India as well as Bangladesh are somewhat similar creating Indian pupils in Bangladesh feel more at their home.
  • A lot of people don't know that the majority good scores on FMGE [Foreign Medical Graduation Exams well as which is the MCOISC (Medical Council of India Screening Exam) that is administered by NBE and monitored by NMC are from students studying the MBBS program in Bangladesh.
  • There are more chances for Indian medical students, as 25 percent in seats have been reserved to non-native medical students.
  • For SAARC students there is no tuition cost which means that there is no need to pay for the cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh there is only the cost of living.
  • If you are not covered by SAARC provision, they have to pay about 3000USD [hostel included] as tuition fees for the MBBS course within Bangladesh.
  • There is no obligation to make a donation required for any foreign or local student to pursue MBBS at the University of Bangladesh.
  • Accredited with degrees internationally acknowledged and practical training provided from industry experts medical students from Bangladesh have more credibility and better opportunities for career advancement.

Eligibility requirements to be eligible for MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Admission

  • It is mandatory to pass NEET in order to pursue MBBS studies within Bangladesh.
  • The candidate must have passed an exam such as A'level in HS or an equivalent examination to be qualified to be considered for MBBS admission.
  • The student shouldn't have completed the class 10thor SSCor 'O' level exam prior to the year 2017.
  • The student must not have passed the 12th/HSCor "O" Level examination before the year 2019.
  • The minimum aggregate GPA students must achieve in the 10th class/SSCor 'O' level or equivalent exam is 7.
  • Minimum GPA of SSC or any similar examination and HSC or an equivalent exam is 3.5.
  • The minimum amount of GP you require to obtain in Biology at 12th grade is 3.5.
  • To determine the GPA in relation to the marks achieved in SSCor 'O' level examination or any other similar examination, the highest 5 marks for each subject are determined. The GPA at the 'O' level is calculated as: the total marks of the top five subjects divided by five.
  • To determine the GPA against the marks earned at HSCor 'A' level examination or any other similar examination The top three marks for the three disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) are determined. The GPA at the 'A' grade is calculated as the total marks from the top 3 subjects, divided by three.
  • The student can't have more than a one-year gap following the 12th class. This means that the student must have passed the 12th class at the end of 2019 or earlier.

MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Admission Process

  • Attestation the class 10 and 12-marks sheets, pass certificates (if issued), and Admit cards issued by Bangladesh High Commission, Delhi.
  • Send the documents attested to the particular medical college you're applying to.
  • Pay for seats to reserve and for insurance.
  • Following the receipt of the offer letter, you will need be able to request an equivalent Certificate from DGHS or make an application and submit attested marks sheets to the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission, Kolkata together with a payment of $60 to get DGHS approval. The approval must be submitted within the dead date prior to the announcement made by the authorities in the announcement by the authorities.
  • A comparable document that is issued from DGHS Bangladesh will be issued in Bangladesh and the college will issue a confirmation admissions letter.
  • Make the remainder (balance) amount due on the 1st year's balance in the name of the school.
  • You can apply for a student visa using all the required documents
    • Class 10 & 12-Admit card, mark sheet & certificate.
    • Admission letter and Equivalence Certificate.
    • Copy of the TT (college fees transfer.
    • Birth certificate
    • Two copies of the photo size passport.
    • Original Passport
  • You must attend the college prior to the deadline.

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