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If you are a female candidate looking for a college that exclusively trains women for MBBS, Kumudini Women’s Medical College is the perfect place you are looking for!
Kumudini Women’s Medical College was established in 2001 in the hospital; complex. The motive of Kumudini Women’s Medical College was to provide medical education to women and empower them. The five year long MBBS course offered here is exclusively for women across the globe. The idea was initiated by Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal, which was founded by Rai Bhadur Ranada Prasad Shaha in June 1947 with an idea to provide exclusive service to the suffering humanity.
The Kumudini Women’s Medical College stands tall as one among the most prestigious and prominent institution for medical studies. The Kumudini Women’s Medical College is affiliated by Dhaka University and is approved and recognised by the Medical Council of India, Bangladesh medical and dental council, World Health Organisation and several other national and international authorities. The Kumudini Women’s Medical College holds the permission by the ministry of health and family welfare and Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Apart from that, it also is enlisted in the International Medical Education Directory. This fact makes it easy for the students passing out from Kumudini Women’s Medical College to apply for job or further education anywhere in the world.
With permission for 50 students per batch back in 2001 when Kumudini Women’s Medical College started, now it accommodates around 120 students. Among these seats, 48 seats are pre reserved for the foreign students. There are approximately 600 students in the college at a time. Among these, only 150 seats are occupied by foreign candidates. The Kumudini Women’s Medical College is a full time residential college with proper accommodation and modern facilities.
Fee structure:
The fee structure of Kumudini Women’s Medical College is very cheap and affordable for students from every financial background. The total tuition fee for the MBBS course is around $43100 which includes few other expenses like laboratory, library charges, etc. The fee is, so far, the best according to the qualities they are providing.
So if you are looking forward to take admission in any only girls’ college, do not miss out on considering Kumudini Women’s Medical College. For any other queries and doubt, feel free to contact studymedico.com and get the guidance you need to crack the admissions!

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