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It is a leading research and teaching center in the country, with approximately 5,000 students. It is Russia's oldest educational institution. It is located in 1930

In 1960, the medical faculty was reorganized into an independent medical institution. This institute achieved its independence.

1994: Academy status. The University has proven its value as an academic institution that provides high-quality education and advanced scientific research. Medicine Biology, Pharmacy, and Biology. The university's performance is measured by its rating. Russia's top ten medical schools. It has provided more than a million meals since its inception.40 000 medical specialists This includes foreign students from 56 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The RF (Russian Federation Government) is the Founder of the University. The Founder's powers, competencies and authority belong to the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. The State has granted the University a perpetual license to educate and state accreditation. The Statute is the basis for the University's activities. The International Medical Association recognizes medical degrees earned at Voronezh State Medicine Academy. The World Directory of Medical Schools, 9th edition, published by World Health Organization, lists the Academy.

There are more than 800 employees, including 149 Doctors of Medical Sciences and 91 professors. 525 PhDs in Medical Sciences are also involved in scientific research and teaching at the 78 departments of Voronezh State Medical University.

The academy's clinical base consists of 29 affiliated hospitals and a network if polyclinics The clinic provides exposure for medical students and practical skills. The 39 clinic members perform over 130,000 consultations annually, perform over 12,000 surgeries, introduce 90-110 new search methods, 120-150 treatment methods and more than 30 preventive measures.
Libraries at VSMU Have more 5,00,000.00 copies of books. Each student receives over 180 copies annually of tuition literature.

International students at Voronezh State medical University can receive training in the following: General Medicine>>,<<Pediatrics>>,Dentistry>> and Pharmacy>> 1500 experts have been trained at the University from 28 different countries. These include 875 international students who have earned their MD qualifications. There are 143 graduates from the Academy's Preparatory Department. 614 students received MD Diplomas, while 206 became Pharmacists. There are 84 residents who have completed their residency and 14 PhD students defending their thesis.

Since 2002, English Language classes are offered to foreign students.

Methods of teaching

There are many methods and forms of teaching that can be used.

  • Lectures, seminars, practical classes, and hospital clerkship are all traditional forms of teaching.
  • Modern teaching techniques and methods include computer and Internet classes and problem-based teaching, video-based lessons, and education software.
  • Students from international countries benefit from learning in small groups. They are assigned a tutor. This tutor is responsible for monitoring student academic progress and helping with personal problems. They also organize regular meetings throughout the year to address any issues students may face.
  • Students who speak English may enroll in the General Medicine Program. This program includes English as the language of instruction and concurrent study of Russian Language.
  • Voronezh is now a student-friendly city. 30 Higher Education Institutions With a total of 74,000 students These are the places to find them. Voronezh has many shops, markets, cafes and restaurants. It is also a great place to have fun and entertain. Voronezh is known for its unique style and warm, welcoming people. This makes it a great place to live and study.

Hostel Accommodation

International students can be guaranteed a spot in the University's student dormitories. International students will find the hostel in the center of the city, close to the main University building. The hostel is located in the center of the city, near the University's main building. Hostel accommodation starts at 500 USD per annum

Academics Faculties

Faculty of general medicine (MBBS).
Faculty of Dentistry (BDS).
Faculty of Pediatrics-(MBBS. Peds.
Faculty of Pharmacy- (B.Pharm.)
Faculty of Advanced Nursing – (Msc. Nursing
Ffaculty for Post Graduate Studies-(MD,MS).
Preparatory faculty (Language course)

Voronezh State Medical University MBBS Fees Structure 2020

1st year fees 5400 US Dollars 600 US Dollars 6000 US Dollars/year Rs. Rs.
2nd-6th Year Fees 4500 US Dollars/Year 600 US Dollars/Year 5100 US Dollars/Year Rs. Rs.
Total Fees for 6 years 31,500 US Dollars Rs. Rs. 1 USD @70 Indian Rupees  

Indian students who are admitted to the 1st degree program must pay the entire academic year's tuition fees. Students may start paying their tuition fees in the 2nd year.

Indian Mess is available to Indian students. There are many options for Indian food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Each academic year, a mess fee of approximately 6000 Rupees per month is announced. Students are free to cook in the communal kitchen.

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