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MEPhI, a Russian national research center and educational centre, is today represented in Russia by the Russian Federation's national nuclear corporation, "Rosatom". MEPhI's name is synonymous with high quality education. Our university is well-known for its unique approach to education. It combines fundamental education in mathematics and physics with extensive engineering training. We also actively involve students in scientific research. MEPhI is the best way to become a true expert in your field and achieve success in life.


1942-Foundation of The Mechanics Institute of Ammunitions

1953-Reorganization of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

2008-Reaching the national researchuniversity status. Reorganization as "National Research Nuclear University"

2013-University was named one of the top 15 Russian universities - candidates to be included in TOP-100.

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is an educational and research institution that was founded by six Nobel Prize-winning scientists and other world-renowned scientists. MEPhI seeks to address the global issues of the 21st Century in energy and scitech. It is a university that focuses on engineering and science. MEPhI heads a large Russian nuclear education cluster. It continues to grow internationally through its increased international cooperation with universities worldwide.

Why MEPhI?

  • One of the most prestigious universities in Russia
  • Russian Academic Excellence Project 5 leader in 2017 top 100
  • Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation's principal strategic partner in the educational sphere.
  • Student support programs and scholarships
  • There are many career options
  • 2 International campuses (Moscow and Obninsk).
  • Safety and comfort.

Since 2008, the MEPHI Obninsk campus has offered the educational program "General Medicine". It quickly became one of Russia's most renowned medical programs. This program provides high-quality training in medical care. It is intended to provide high-quality education for therapeutic, preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and psychological activities. The faculty includes top experts in medicine, biology and medical sciences. The modern equipment is used for training, while the practical work takes place in Obninsk or Moscow's best clinics. Graduates of this program are eligible to work in outpatient clinics as general doctors. After completing a clinical internship, the graduate is eligible to work in any medical specialty of clinical medicine, including surgery, internal medicine and anesthesiology.

A degree in General Medicine at MEPhI can help you get a bright future.

The results of this work show that your university's experts are world-class in a wide variety of fields.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin 22.01.2014, MEPhI.


* Centre of Nuclear Medicine* Pharmaceutical Learning Factory
* Faculty of Medicine
* Department of Medical Physics
* Department of Computer Medical Systems
* Department of Nuclear Medicine
* Department of Laser Micro- and Nanotechnology
* Department of Semiconductor Quantum Electronics
* Department of Medical Radiology Nuclear Medicine Laboratory of Bioinformatics
* Department of Biology
* Department of Radionuclide Medicine
* Department of Radiopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
* Department of General and Special Chemistry
* Department of Psychology
* Faculty: 215
* Manpower: 105
* Students: 1020


* The most innovative and modern educational programs
* Individualization of education through module education
* MEPhI's exclusive experimental facilities and centres.
* 13 student's development bureaus.
* Internationally accredited educational programmes
* Internships at the top research centers and laboratories


MEPhI was the first and only university to be selected from all participants in the Russian academic excellence program. It has been ranked among the TOP-100 universities worldwide by QS and THE international ranking agencies.


Students live beyond the end-of-term exams and assignments. This gives students the opportunity to achieve amazing breakthroughs, implement innovative ideas and make new discoveries. The Associated tudent Body, established in MEPhI to make students' dreams come true, is the Associated tudent Body. It is made up of the best student representatives and has won four consecutive years the Contest of Development Programs for student organizations' activity organized by the Ministry of Education and science of Russian Federation.

The University provides all the conditions necessary to foster the creative potential of students through research and innovation, student self-government, creativity teams, construction teams and volunteer movement.


MEPhI is not just about learning complex subjects. It is also an excellent opportunity to engage in sports. There are about 30 different clubs to choose from, including athletics, martial arts and football, as well as rugby, hockey, soccer, football, volleyball and climbing.


Non-resident applicants MEPhI provides accommodation and dormitory for students and non-residents in Moscow, Obninsk, and other cities where the regional branches of University are situated.

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