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I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) is the oldest and most prestigious medical higher education institution in Russia. Since its foundation (1758) it has always been the recognized leader in implementing the most advanced methods in training, certification and upgrading the skills of medical, stomatological and pharmaceutical personnel. The high level of education is provided by two thousand strong faculty of professors, lecturers, instructors and researchers that work at 14 faculties and 168 chairs of the University.

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University enjoys a worldwide reputation for academic excellence combined with spectacular results in research and innovation. Since 1949 when first international students were admitted to the school, about 4000 specialists from over 80 countries of the world have been trained there. During recent years the number of international students admitted annually has tripled. Today of about 10 000 undergraduates and postgraduates students that currently study at MSMU, about 25% are international students from about 70 countries of all continents which proves the high value of the MSMU diploma in the world.

All students have free access to the University's library which has teaching materials, books, magazines and other publications both in Russian and foreign languages and ranks among the biggest in Europe. International students study in groups of seven to ten people. The second-year medical students attend clinics where they learn nursing experience. Clinical subjects are taught from the third year of study.

Students interested in research activities can join scientific societies that work at all chairs of the MSMU. There they can master their knowledge and research talents that can be useful for continuing studies for PhD degree. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University provides postgraduate courses to international students in the internship, clinical residency, postgraduate courses and the doctorate in almost all specialties and provides probation opportunities (short-term probation included). Although studies are the most important part of students' life, there is a wide variety of facilities for entertainment and sports. There are two students' theatres at the University and a stadium with full size football ground, facilities for track and field athletics, tennis, badminton, volleyball and other sports.

For MSMU international students studying and living in vibrant multicultural 12 million habitants Moscow is an experience of a lifetime. Founded in 1147 Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and one of the biggest historical and cultural centres in Europe.

Tuition Fees Are Rather Moderate And Include The Following Facilities For The Students

  • free use of laboratories, reading rooms and libraries where they can borrow study books and materials for the whole duration of the course.
  • free use of sports and cultural complexes of the University.

Moscow State Medical University Curriculum

Preparatory Course
Postgraduate Courses

More than 40 chairs are offered for the postgraduate training. The training is conducted in Russian. The course is preceded by a one-year Preparatory course of studying Russian for the doctors who come to continue their medical education in Russia. The requirements for the postgraduate training: the degree of M.D. or Ph.M. Entrance test: interview on the specialty chosen in Russian.

  • Internship - the duration is 1 year
  • Clinical training course (Residency) - the duration is 2 years
  • Ph.D. training course (Candidates of Medical Sciences) - the duration is 3 years

MSMU offers international students undergraduate courses in:

  • basic medical training - 6 years;
  • basic dental training - 5 years;
  • Pharmacy - 5 years.

IM Sechnov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia Fees Structure-

   Tution       Fees(Rubles)  Hostel(Rubles)  One Time   Charge(Rubles) Total(Rubles)
 First   Year 698000 65000 140000 903000
 Second   Year 753000 0 0 753000
Third Year 770000 0 0 770000
 Fourth   Year 809000 0 0 809000
 Fifth Year 850000 0 0 850000
 Sixth Year 893000 0 0 893000
 Total  4773000 65000 140000 4978000

Food and living cost                                                150-200 US$ per month

*Medical Insurance from 2nd year 100$/year.

*Visa extension 50$/year.

*Seats Available- 150.1st -5th year.

*Hostel is available for first year students only.

One Time Charges Includes

  S.No   Details
  1  Admission/Invita tion Letter
  2  Airport pickup
  3  Medical Insurance (1 Years)
 4  Medical Checkup
 5 Immigration Insurance
 6 Documents Translations
 7 Nostrification
 8 Police verificatio
 8 Tranfer Charges


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