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Smolensk State Medical University is a state medical school founded in 1920. At Smolensk State Medical University, the MBBS degree is declared globally, hence, the pupils from almost 50 nations like Germany, Poland, Italy, India, and other nations of South American continents, African, and Asian countries appear to consider at Smolensk State Medical University for their medical degree.

About College- the University encourages the medical and pharmaceutical experts of abroad countries. Students at the university can operate in distinguished education hospitals with modernized facilities to diagnose and manage different ailments. The SSM University is a state medical college recognized by the World Health Organisation and all countries of the globe including the UK, India, and the USA. In the worldwide rating, the Smolensk State Medical University is situated in the 22nd place.

Facilities- There are 4 hostels, which can provide more than 2000 pupils. All the hostels come with an attached shower, toilet, and pantry. The hostels come with a central heating facility. The hostels come with full furnishings as well from bed, to cupboard and desks for students. The faculty too is quite well equipped. They have their biochemical laboratories and radioisotope laboratories as well. With the facility of telly video and multimedia apparatus, the lecture halls indeed add to a modern way of learning. The campus is indeed magnificent with playgrounds and swimming pools, gym room, and even sauna bathrooms. The sports and shooting gallery add another wow factor. A hostel facility is available as well. Cafeterias have low prices here on the Campus. Even the parents of foreign students can come and stay in the campus guest room for free and dine with their children for free.

Admission procedure- For Admission purposes a student should provide the results of class 10 and 12 along with a valid passport. One should have a science background and have a minimum of 50% in all subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. NEET qualification is also necessary.

Fee facility – The fee structure of this Russian medical University is affordable. The fee structure is 350000 to 400000 in Indian rupees or 5000 to 6000 US dollars annually.

The university is indeed one of the topmost Medical Universities in Russia and thus getting admission to such a college is of great joy. The above information and the insight to the college will surely be of great help.
Benefits of choosing Smolensk State Medical University:

  • Recognized by WHO, this government college is quiet popular among students
  • It secures 22nd position in the international rating
  • It has 8 faculties including higher nursing; post graduate studies, clinical psychology and social work, pharmaceutics, foreign students, paediatrics, dentistry and general medicine.
  • 1000 seats in faculty of Medicine
  • 450 experience teachers and 65 departments
  • Well equipped departments with Bio-Chemical laboratories, Electronic Microscopes, Radio-Isotope laboratories and more
  • Well equipped lecture halls
  • Professors from others countries are invited to read lectures at this college
  • Highly reputed college

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