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About Syktyvkar State University

The Syktyvkar State University was founded in 1972, making it the oldest university in the Komi Republic. Syktyvkar State Medical University strives to train highly qualified future professionals and specialists who go on to successful careers by, among other things, cooperating with major employers and companies as well as offering its students various opportunities to study and train abroad. The university is an active participant in international partnership programs and cooperation.
it's far one among the largest and the leading group imparting higher schooling in schooling institutes of the North-West Russia. Syktyvkar state medical university has 12 institutes and 154 educational programs. The university works with an intention to keep and improve the role of the university as main college of the Republic of Komi. Syktyvkar State Medical University has strong worldwide status in diverse disciplines. Syktyvkar is the main administrative, educational, cultural, and industrial centre of the Republic of Komi. There are greater than 3500 students from different specialities. Syktyvkar Country College is the primary choice of students from India and foreign countries who choose Russia for training in scientific. The college is an energetic player in worldwide partnership applications and cooperation.
Syktyvkar state medical university has 12 institutes with 154 educational packages in all tiers of education. It offers about 30 bachelor's diploma programs and 26 master's diploma applications in the fields of herbal sciences, technology, jurisprudence, humanities, art, pedagogy, medicinal drug, and economics and control. Fields of global medical cooperation include ecology, biology, chemistry, medicinal drug, economics, philology, and art and layout. almost 40 worldwide scientific educational initiatives are being carried out at the university, similarly to which international and all-Russian scientific conferences are being often held. Syktyvkar state medical university has its own baUet, theater, opera and symphony.
nearly all the college buildings and dormitories are positioned within the town middle. The Syktyvkar state medical university additionally has 3 museums, a center for creative images, a middle for artistic Creativity, a Centre for Tourism, and a sports activities club for students and workforce as well as extraordinary scholar organizations, unions, and volunteer actions.



Syktyvkar state medical university has separate accommodation for boys and girls for Indian students. Nearby the hostel cafeterias, snack bars, and/or cafes available . The campus in Wi-Fi enabled and students can avail free internet. Student life at the Syktyvkar state medical university. The Syktyvkar itself is friendly has multiple interesting possibilities, and can be quite enjoyable. Syktyvkar state medical university encourages students to celebrate their national festivals. Spectacular performances with folk songs and dances which are part of such celebration are admired by both students and academic staff.

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