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About University OSMA

Medical Institute n.a. Chkalov (The Orenburg State Medical Academy) was established in 1944. categories began at the Department of medical specialty (4 course years). Official founders of the Institute square measure thought-about to be Lazarenko F.M., anatomist, professor; Olifson L.E., chemist, prof; Silantyev A.K, associate professor, surgeon; the primary director of the Institute was Fetisov N.V., surgeon-dentist. Department of pediatric medicine was opened in 1970, a scientific-research laboratory was opened for exploration of mechanisms of natural system. Doctors Improvement school was opened (now it's referred to as Department of post-graduate coaching for specialists), student's hostel No. three and canteen were in-built 1985. The institute continuing its development in 1990-s, new departments, like Department of upper medical care and Department of preventive care, were opened. The Orenburg State Medical Academy opened three new departments in 2002 (Dental, Pharmaceutical, Department of clinical psychology) and have become a better institution with eight departments.
These days 555 members of scientific and staff work on the Academy, there square measure ninety three Doctors of medication and 298 Associates of medication among them. The Academy unites eight departments within the following directions: medical specialty, Pediatrics, Preventive care, psychotherapy, Dentistry, Pharmacy, medical care and Department of post-graduate coaching for specialists, 56 chairs, preliminary courses for coming into the Academy, internship, residency, post-graduate coaching and better academic degree, four thesis committees, scientific and innovative center of analysis coordination, the clinic, the laboratory of digital instructional technologies, instructional simulation center and different structural subdivisions

About Orenburg City

Orenburg (formerly Chkalov) town, capital of Orenburg region, As of 2012, 570.3 thousand folks board Orenburg, urban population equals to 554.7 thousand folks, rural population is 15.6 thousand folks (Orenburg is that the twenty eighth most inhabited town in Russia. Town lies on the stream Ural (Yaik) next to Sakmara stream outlet into it. Orenburg is settled 1400 km to the East of Russian capital, it lies absolutely in Europe. Total space of town is 259 sq.km. It is a significant rail junction wherever the Trans-Caspian RR, the Central Asian RR, and therefore the Samara-Orenburg line meet. based in 1735 as a defence, Orenburg resisted (1773-74) a encirclement by Pugachev. It became a middle for Russian trade with Republic of Kazakhstan and central Asia. it had been referred to as Chkalov from 1938 to 1957.
The climate in Orenburg is extremely continental. The summer is hot and dry: the average temperature during the day is above 15 degrees for 5 months a year; the winter is moderately cold,maximum snow cover is observed in February (23 cm). In summer the temperature can raise up to 40 degrees C, sometimes it falls down to 5 degrees C. In winter the weather varies from light to heavy frost, there are sometimes light thaws or severe frosts up to 20 degrees below zero.

POSTAL CODE - 460000

DIALING CODE - +7 3532




  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Department of Human Anatomy
  • Department of Hospital Therapy them. R.G.Mezhebovskogo
  • Hospital Surgery Department, Urology
  • Department of Children's Diseases
  • The Department of outpatient therapy
  • Department of General Surgery
  • The Department of Surgery and Clinical Anatomy them. SS Mikhailova
  • Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics
  • Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics
  • The Department of Therapy and Endocrinology
  • The Department of Surgery
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of Biological Chemistry
  • Department of Pathological Physiology
  • Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dept. of Physiology
  • The Department of Physical Education
  • The Department of Surgery and Clinical Anatomy
  • Department of Dentistry


Department of Nursing

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Biophysics and math
  • Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacognosy
  • Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry


ORENURG STATE MEDICAL ACDEMY HOSTELS -The rooms of the student dormitories have access to the internet and various OSU online databases and library catalogues. The total number of personal computers in the dorms amount to more than 120. From 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. the students are provided with free internet access. Each student is also provided with a free email account that they can use.
Due to the high number of students at OSU and limited space availability in the dormitories, only certain groups of students have the privilege to apply for university accommodations:


students from other towns and cities

  • post-graduate students, students working toward their Doctor's degree, trainees;
  • students attending preparatory, retraining, or upgrading courses (for the course period);
  • applicants (for the entrance exams period);
  • students of the correspondence department (for the session);
  • students with families.

International students enrolled at OSU, within the international government agreements of the Russian Federation, are provided with university accommodations on the same general terms as students from the Russian Federation.


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