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MERI EL STATE UNIVERSITY Mari el is a land of great natural beauty, rich in beautiful lakes and coniferous- deciduous forests. it is located to the east of the east European plain, in the middle reaches of the volga river. The majority of the republic is located on its left bank. The length of the territory from north to south is 150km, and from west to east it is 275 km. In the south, the Mari El Republic bordersthe Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan, in the west it borders the Nizhny Novgorod oblast, and it the north and east it borders the Kirow oblast. The length of the borders of Mari El exceeds 1200 km, and the total area is 23.4 thousand aquars kilometers. The population of the republic is about 700 thousand people. The official language are Mari (meadow and highland) and Russian. The climate is moderatly continental with long cold winters and warm summers.

Medical Faculty

Mari State university is awarded with the gold European Quality. 100 best universities of the Russian Federation - 2009, MarSu Rector, Dr. Vitaly makarow is awarded with the honorary breastplate <> by the Independent public Council of the competition << European Quality: Gold Medal>> More than 8,000 students study at the university. Around 2,500 students live in hostels. The teaching staffs included more than 100 doctors of science and professors and 400 candidates of science and associate professors. The University campus comprises 7 educational buildings and 8 hostels and occupies a total area of 128,000 m2.


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