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About University AGMU

is one of the leading medical universities of Russia in West Siberian part, conducting high quality medical training. Altai State Medical University is located the south east of Russia in Barnaul city, the capital of Altai Krai. For sixty years the Altai State Medical University has been a supply of qualified specialist's engine for regional healthcare system. 25 thousand doctors and pharmaceutics have graduated from the university, which work in the Altai region, in the Republics of Altai and Tuva, in countries near and far abroad. 90% of doctors and pharmaceutics in the Altai region are the AGMU alumni.
Altai State Medical University is administered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in accordance with the decree of the Russian Government. It is one of the major hubs for research, education and cultural exchange. International community in the university shares their social heritage with each other and hence adopts each other's culture. The University has produced more than 30 thousand graduates. There are more than 4000 students studying yearly at AGMU. Most of the students are from Russian Federation with about 350 international students

Altai State Medical University - a unique holistic body that brings together doctors both on the basis of professional communication, and on the basis of common interests and hobbies. Our university absorbed the experience and achievements of the pupils of different generations. Society graduates of all generations Altai Medical University - unbreakable brotherhood.

Altai State Medical University World Ranking

According to web metrics World ranking of Altai State Medical University is 10535 Among all universities worldwide, Altai State Medical University Rank under 1000 and if you check Altai State Medical University Ranking among Russian Medical Universities.

Student's Life in Altai State Medical University

Altai Medical University Hostels

Altai State Medical University has three hostels, which are located in the center of the city. The dorms are close to the main public transport routs, which makes the most important destinations accessible. There are playing and sports grounds, reading halls which help use our students' time most efficiently and in an enjoyable way.


The library's fund has over 3,30,000 copies of literature including abstracts of medical dissertations, journals, more than 200 titles of periodic editions nowadays. The library represents the largest storehouse of medical literature in regions of Siberia. The collection of scientific information, educational and periodical literature makes the library very valuable source for the University's teachers and student in their educational an scientific works. The library is elucidated with the Internet connections and CLIS (computer-aided library - informational system) has been introduced.
Altai State Medical University has its edit-publishing centre and small-scale plant, where composition of scientific works by the workers, monographs, materials from student's conferences are printed.

Social Activities

There are all kinds of students' clubs at the Altai State Medical University. Our students sing, dance, act, do sports and other activities. It helps them develop their personality in many ways. The sport complex consists of a playground, a well-equipped gymnasium, two big sport halls, swimming pool with sauna bath and two shooting galleries, which can be used by all sport enthusiasts. Altai State Medical University has its own skiing base. AGMU students regularly go to the gym, the swimming pool and the university skiing center.

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