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Guilin Medical University Located in the historical and tourist city of Guilin which is world well-known for its unique beauty of hills and rivers, Guilin Medical University (GLMU) is an undergraduate university directly under Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
GLMU is an undergraduate university directly under the administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Founded in 1935 from the former Guilin Senior Nurse Midwifery School, GLMU was upgraded and renamed as GuilinMedical School in 1958. Approved by the former State Education Committee in 1987, the school was upgraded to GuilinMedical College for undergraduates. In 1993, Guilin Medical College was approved by the state of Ministry of Education and the State of Management Bureau of Chinese Traditional Medicine to have the qualifications to offer undergraduate programs to international students both in medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and what's more, it has a certain number of government scholarships to offer to candidates of international students every year. GLMU passed the undergraduate teaching work evaluation at the first attempt in 1996.
It gained the qualification to conduct postgraduate programs to students and in December of the same year it was evaluated and accredited a "distinguished University" by the Ministry of Education of China in the undergraduate teaching work evaluation. Currently, Guilin Medical University is a medical and pharmaceutical institution of higher learning with good fame and influence in and out of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, giving priority to clinical medicine and also integrating pharmacy, biotechnology, medical assay as well as nursing into a multi-specialty harmoniously-developed university with stronger comprehensive power.


At present, the university has 9 full-time specialties of undergraduate level, including clinical medicine, medical laboratory, oral medicine, preventive medicine, nursing, biotechnology, pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparation, and marketing; Besides, it also provide students with 6 specialties in higher vocational educations covering medical imaging, clinical laboratory, nursing, pharmacy, medical marketing and medical biotechnology. Also, there are 3 levels corresponding educations for adults: 3-year programs, undergraduate program (bachelor degree of medicine) for high school graduates, and undergraduate programs for the associates, whose specialties cover clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing, clinical laboratory, stomatology, etc. We have enrolled students from 18 provinces, cities and regions in China. At present, the number of students of various kinds in our university has reached over 10,000.


The university has a sound-diversified and highly-qualified team of teachers. There are 504 professional teachers, of whom, 217 have high professional titles and 297 have Master's degrees or above. In addition, there are 120 supervisors of postgraduates and 3 Ph.D. supervisors. 7 teachers gain special subsidies from the State Council, 4 received the "National Excellent Teacher or Educator" titles and awards, 2 are praised and chosen as the "Distinguished Teachers" in Guangxi institutions of higher learning, and four other teachers are chosen as the second-leveled candidates of the "Excellent Talent Project" in Guangxi.
This university has 10 dependent colleges (faculties), including College of Basic Medicine, College of Clinical Medicine, College of Clinical Medicine of Nanxi Shan?the Second College of Clinical Medicine, the Third College of Clinical Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Biotechnology, College of Nursing, College of Continuing Education and College of International Education, together with 3 teaching departments including Department of Human Social Science, Department of Foreign Languages, and Department of Physical Education. Additionally, there is 1 directly-affiliated hospital, 4 non- directly-affiliated hospitals?22 teaching hospitals and more than 100 teaching and practice units.
Clinical Medicine is the key specialty in Guangxi. Besides, GLMU has 2 key disciplines at the, 4 key construction disciplines, 2 key laboratories and 3 key construction laboratories; 1 excellent talent innovative team of the institution of higher learning of Guangxi; 2 teaching teams of the institution of higher learning of Guangxi, 2 experimental teaching demonstration construction center at the provincial level and 3 disciplines are able to enroll postgraduates. Besides, there are 12 distinguished courses

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