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About University

West Kazakhstan is a region of Kazakhstan and its capital is Oral. It is a city of 200,000 dwellers. The region outskirts Russia and is near the Ural mountains.
West Kazakhstan State Medical University is one of the governing centre for education, science, culture in the region is an open socio-cultural and information system, which needs continuous improvement of the structure and content of the activity, the nature and direction are determined by the process of development of Kazakhstan as a legal state with a market and a socially oriented economy, democratic reforms in the society, entering the natural education system in the world educational space.
In correspondence with the overall strategy for the development of education in Kazakhstan until 2020, West Kazakhstan State Medical University is planned to be an effective centre of education, cultural, scientific and social development of West Kazakhstan region.

West Kazakhstan State Medical University's Objectives:

  • Development of the system of corporate governance and social partnership, diversification of funding the university.
  • Practice of research activities
  • Education is fully developed personality and patriots of their country.
  • Development of the university through the creation of organizational legal, personnel, software and methodological and other conditions for the integration of training and educational processes.
  • Industrialization of education and implementation of new learning technologies.
  • Amalgamation into the world scientific and educational space, participation in international organizations and associations.

List of courses:

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Health Care Pharmacy
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Nursing care

Additional Enlightenment

Every year several students across the world enroll at the university. University has now dormitories, which fully meets the requirements of the modern living students. Much attention is paid to the design of the house of the students as it aesthetically affects the each student and motivates them to do good work. All the academic buildings, there is a snack bar with proper provision of dining rooms. At the heart of the university campus there is a cafe for the students.
There is a hostel provision for the 400 students at the university campus. Extensive maintenance, is made, all circumstances for accommodation are created, Television, furniture and household appliances. There is a reading room, restroom, Internet connectivity and all other basic requirements for the students stay at the hostel. The hostel is constantly is regulated by the bodies of sanitary and epidemiologic services.
There is a student's trade union committee at the university which includes social support of students, the organization of free time, cultural leisure, rest, the organization of a preferential food, the device into a student's hostel. Student Union Committee supervises the sanitary condition of the weekly food items.
Medical room facility is also there for the students, whose main task is to sponsor healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease, the organization of a baseline medical examination.

Festival celebrations:

We being Indian always eager for our festivals to celebrate either in Indian or in Abroad. University has many Indian students and its association and Medico international every year celebrates, Navratri, Diwali, New year and Holi, Independence days.


University has its own hostel separate for girls and boys. All the hostels are equipped with CCTV for the safety of the students. It has free Wi-Fi, 24 hrs heater & hot water facilities. All the floors of hostel have a big kitchen and students can cook as they wish with no extra charges. The hostel rooms can be shared by 2 or 3 students as per student's choice. It is fully furnished with beds, study tables, cupboard. No outside person is allowed to enter the hostel without the permission from Dean Office.

Fresher's Party:

 Medico international with the student association and university organizes fresher's party every year in Dec to welcome the new students and also to introduce the new and old students with each others.

Class Rooms:

-The classrooms are well equipped with all the necessary technologies such as microscopes, skeletons, projectors, Wi-Fi, round table, and practical specimens. The class room consists of 20-30 students only.

Canteen & its food:

 Food is very important for students while studying a course like MBBS. "Empty stomach can't concentrate". Medico international manages its own Indian mess with two Indian. Our canteen serves unlimited food twice a day. We are the only canteen in kazakhstan where Indian food is served and that too Wheat flour Roti. The canteen has two separate sections VEG and NON VEG and both foods cooked separately.


 The laboratory is well equipped with all the requirements for the practical in anatomy and other subjects.

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