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Osh State University (OSU) is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Kyrgyzstan located in the south of the country. It was established in 1992 on the basis of Osh State Pedagogic Institute which was organized in 1951. Nowadays the university is considered to be one of the leading universities in Southern Kyrgyzstan. It concentrates round itself the great academic and scientific potential (27 thousand students, including 1500 international students; 1663 teachers on the staff including 253 Candidates and 59 Doctors of Science). The university provides training in a wide range of study areas including Law, Medicine, Education, Social Work, Economics, International Relations (9 research institutes, 17 faculties, 25 education, research and resource centers). OSU is a member of the European Association of International Education (1997, Netherlands) and International Association of Universities (1995, France). The training is conducted on 76 specialties in 10 languages; on 24 specialties OSU has joined the world catalog of universities. Regarding international focus OSU has also been active in networking projects of such programs as NISSCUP, IREX, ACCELS, DAAD, INTAS, CEP, TEMPUS-TACIS and cooperates with more than 90 higher education institutions, various foundations, public sectors, Embassies and Diplomatic Representatives of near and distant foreign countries.

Today about 100 OSU students study in USA, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Southern Korea in the framework of different international educational programs. 14 OSU graduates study at Master's level programs, 6 post-graduates are in programs of doctoral studies leading to PhD degree in such abroad countries as USA, Germany, Canada, Turkey and Pakistan. The university has more than 1000 modern computers and 152 of them are connected to Internet. Moreover, OSU has its own media resources: well-equipped TV studio "UMUT" and monthly newspaper "NUR".

OSU has 23 study buildings, 9 dormitories and hostel for foreign teachers.and an another institute(medfak) for foreign students ( india, pakistan, nepal )..mainly students are pakistani and than indian in the medfak (medical faculty).. Aiming the overall concern about students, teachers and university members OSU has owned health resort on the shore of Issyk-Kul lake and recreation base on the bank of Ak-Bura river. There is also a health center which works all year round. Osh State University possesses well-qualified professor's staff, high scientific potential and sufficient technical base for providing advanced, high-quality and competitive education meeting the world standards' requirements.

Faculty Of Medicine

Medical Faculty was opened in 1992 in connection with the conversion of Osh Pedagogical Institute in Osh State University. Also Medical faculty, Osh State University has been training foreign students since 1992.During the years of its existence the Medical faculty, Osh State University has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries.At present 2751 students are studying at Medical faculty including about 600 students from other countries like.

Pakistan,India,Nepal,Palestine,Syria,Turkey,Iran,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan and other countries. The medium of instruction is English and Russian. Foreign Students have a choice to study in English medium or Russian medium.so, foreign students don't have to study at preparatory department, they get admission directly into first year M.D in english medium. all the subjects are taught in English language. on the completion of course, degree of M.D is awarded., valid and recognized all over the world. Medical faculty, Osh State University is listed with WHO (World Health Organisation) global database of medical schools, Medical faculty, Osh State University is listed with Education Comission for Foreign Medical Graduates ,USA (ECFMG) FAIMER International Medical Education Directory IMED.

This gives right, Graduates to take USMLE and continue Postgraduate education or Ph.D in America. Medical faculty, Osh State University is Accredited and recognised by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council PMDC, Medical Council of India MCI, Medical Councils of Syria, Nepal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladeesh, Sudan, Palestine ,and Medical Councils of CIS countries.

Medical Graduates having degrees of the Medical faculty, Osh State University are eligible to take screening tests of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council PMDC, Medical Council of India MCI, and work in all countries of the world.

Medical faculty,Osh State University has hired foreign teachers alongwith local faculty members to teach foreign students in English medium more conveniently.Teachers are very experienced .Most of them are either Doctor of Medical Sciences (Ph.D) or Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Many outstanding scientists worked at the Medical faculty and contributed much to the rapid development of the Medical faculty as a powerful scientific medical and educational center in the southwestern kyrgyz repulic.

At present the physicians with Osh State University degrees are working in different countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and America. It shows wide recognition of the medical faculty all over the world. High qualification of its graduates is connected with the brilliant constellation of scientists who worked at the Medical faculty, Osh State University.

All clinical hospitals are equipped with modern facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level. In particular, all types of diagnostics, thermo vision, angiography, endoscopic technique, and highly effective means of treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapy, modern efferent methods of de-toxication and many others are widely used here. Students of the Medical faculty, Osh State University can have a rest in sports and health recreation camp on the picturesque Issyk-Kul lake. at branches of the Faculty of extracurricular education, art and sports club or student's theatre.

The mission of the faculty - Training of highly qualified medical staff in four specialties: "Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Dentistry" and "Medical-care business".

The main directions of research: Social Hygiene and Health Management, Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, epidemiology, anatomy, topographic anatomy and operative surgery, histology and pathological anatomy, internal medicine, surgical diseases, urology, oncology, chemical and biological disciplines.

Progress and prospects of the faculty: The faculty has both academic and clinical base. Students are trained in the best medical and clinical facilities in the city, such as multi-regional hospital, Regional Hospital, Central Clinical Hospital, city and regional SES, Regional Maternity Hospital, Regional Cancer Center and others. Faculty of Medicine and clinical databases are equipped with modern equipment.

The main specialties: General medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Health-care.

The faculty has its own library, reading room with 150 seats. The library fund is 59,903 books and manuals. The faculty has three computer labs, the center of the LRC is equipped with modern computers. The faculty is in affiliation with leading medical universities in the CIS and other countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, USA, Turkey, etc. Since 2003, the faculty is into a partnership with SAR, co operates with AIHA and Medical Institute of South Florida. The faculty is actively involved in the implementation of government programs: "Healthy Nation," "Immunization", "Manas", "TB" and "The prevention of AIDS and STDs".

The faculty has the following departments: Pediatrics Child Diseases Therapeutic disciplines Internal Medicine General Surgery Surgical Diseases Traumatology, Neurosurgery and orthopedics with the course of forensic medicine Urology Dermatology Epidemiology and Microbiology Neurology, Psychiatry and Addiction Oncology, Otorhinolaryngology Ophthalmology Obstetrics and Gynecology Family Medicine Public Health Human Anatomy and Operative Surgery with Topographic Anatomy Histology and Pathological Anatomy Natural Sciences Medical and biological sciences Biochemistry, Pathophysiology Pharmacology.

Hospitals affiliated with Osh State University: Medical Institute OshSU is affiliated with educational and clinical institutions. Teaching hospitals are well equiped,with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level. In particular, all types of diagnostics, thermovision,angiography, endoscopic technique,MRI, CT scan and highly effective means of treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapy, modern efferent methods of de-toxication and many others are widely used here. Students are trained at best diagnostic centers and hospitals of the city. such as.

Osh Provincial Clinical Hospital Osh city territorial Hospital Osh InterProvincial Clinical Children Hospital Perinatal Centre Provincial Materinity Home Medical Centre"ZAMAT" Osh InterProvincial Centre of Oncology City Hospital of Infectious diseases HIV-AIDS prevention Centre


Why Osh State University?

  • Training of teachers and development of educational programs for managers in the public health system, policymakers in public health system and practitioners, family physicians and nurses with higher education degree.
  • Study Medicine at the Medical faculty,Osh State University-English Medium for Foreign Students.
  • High standard professional Medical Education.
  • Medical faculty OSU Follows the European / Russian curriculum of MD.
  • Degree of MD (Doctor of Medicine) is awarded, a widely recognized and accepted degree in most countries including USA, European Union, Japan Etc. as compared to MB or MBBS degree.
  • Recognized and accredited by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, United States of America (ECFMG)(FAIMER).Which gives right, Graduates to take USMLE and continue Postgraduate education or PhD in America.
  • Graduates of the Medical faculty,OSU are eligible to take Screening test by Medical Council of India, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Graduates are eligible to work in India, Pakistan, Europe, America, Japan and other countries.
  • An affordable tuition fees.
  • An ideal academic environment.
  • Comfortable Hostel is provided.
  • Osh-second largest city of kyrgyzstan,a beautiful mountainous city, located in the heart of historically famous Fergana Valley.
  • Osh-A modern city with an ancient background. An ideal climate and weather.
  • A city with economical and affordable living conditions.
  • a lot of places for extracurricular and refreshment activities. Swimming pools, Indoor-Outdoor sports centres, Night Clubs, Cinema, Theatre, Winter sports tracks etc.

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