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"Salymbekov University" Institution is a modern educational institution focused on the implementation of the educational system in the Kyrgyz Republic according to the standards of leading European and Asian educational institutions, paying special attention not only to the application of new teaching methods in their educational processes, but also to the formation of a universal platform, which will contribute to the formation of a quality human resource.

The mission of the Salymbekov University Institution is to form a universal platform in the Kyrgyz Republic in the form of a modern higher educational institution, carrying out its activities in the field of high-quality provision of educational services at high international standards. The priority task of our University is the export of educational services and high-quality training of highly qualified personnel with all the knowledge and skills of specialists in various fields. In addition, our mission is to provide knowledge, skills and practice in the best traditions of the educational system of Great Britain, the United States, as well as leading countries in Europe and Asia. "Salymbekov University" Institution was founded in 2019.

The multidisciplinary 6-storey medical clinic is a new clinical base of the Salymbekov University Institution, located in the business center of Bishkek. The clinic is equipped with the most high-tech medical equipment where professional medical personnel work, which provides services in the following profiles: general surgery, cardiology, neurology, endoscopy, laboratory, otorhinolaryngology, radiography, X-ray surgery, gynecology, endocrinology, urology, dentistry. The clinic has 30 beds.

Medical clinic "Lazmed" is one of the clinical bases of the "Salymbekov University" Institution, which is equipped with modern medical equipment and works in the following directions:
Laser surgery; Laser therapy; Plasmoliftnig; BodyShape. (face lifting and body shaping); Professional training of
doctors in the field of laser medicine.

Currently, in order to develop and further provide medical services for the population, we have expanded and
opened a new clinic for laser technologies "Lazmed", which makes it possible to restore health at the cellular
level and rejuvenate the body for 10-15 years on the basis of German technologies.

The Dordoi Oftalmik Service Medical Center for Eye Microsurgery is one of the clinical bases of the Salymbekov University Institution.

This is a modern clinic where full diagnostics of eye diseases and all types of ophthalmic operations are carried out. Medical center "Dordoi-Oftalmik-Service" is designed to help solve many problems associated with vision correction. Due to the high technological level and compliance standards of modern ophthalmology, our Center is able to offer professional and effective treatment for many eye diseases.

The sport complex "Dordoi" is a modern multifunctional sport complex for the development of many sports and preparation of high-quality athletes and coaches. The sport club "Dordoi" is part of the "Dordoi" Association and has a full-fledged material and technical base, including sports facilities in Bishkek and in the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Students of the Salymbekov University Institution have the opportunity to freely access and visit the sport complex “Dordoi” in accordance with the agreement between the Salymbekov University Institution and the complex.

The owner of the sports complex "Dordoi" is the founder of the "Salymbekov University" Institution, philanthropist and public figure Salymbekov Askar Maatkabylovich.


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