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The New Vision University is a Georgian Semi private research university located in Tbilisi. The Medical Doctor's Program of the New Vision University was granted accreditation by Resolution no 156 of Educational Program Accreditation Board, dated 5 November 2013. The University has a large and distinguished faculty to support its missions of education, research and clinical care. A number of scientific-research projects of international and national significance have been accomplished on the university base. The university has close partnership relations with the leading higher educational institutions within and outside the country like in UK Leeds University England. NVU is considered a desirable host for international scientific conferences and symposia held in various fields of science. Apart from this, the academic and scientific faculty of the university actively participates in scientific conferences and exchange programs in different countries of the world Like USA, UK and Other European Countries.


NVU is oriented towards the demands of the society and the state. Its and foremost mission is: 1. To offer high quality education to all the interested people despite Nationality, religion and political status. 2. To educate high-qualified, competitive and adaptive specialists to changing professional environment, with the competencies relevant to the modern requirements, who will be the free personalities with high civic understanding and activity, bearers of the principles of humanism, democracy and liberal values.

About New Vision Medical University

As stated on their official website, the New Vision Medical University or NVU aims at developing competent, gentle and confident students with the help of a teaching method which focusses on outcome, so that the doctors who are created maintain high-quality standards and are able to handle all aspects of their profession. The standard of teaching at this university has been created as per the guidelines of the World Federation of Medical Education. The university promotes the free development of individuals upholding standards of integrity in academics, encouraging research and facilitating novelty every day.

Faculty And Courses

The NVU Medical University has only one course on offer - a 5 year long course providing the degree of Medical Doctor (MD). As a part of their course, students will get to learn through interactive lectures, workshops, seminars, seminars, bedside teaching, playing patient's or doctor's roles, use of relevant software at laboratories, presentations, laboratory teaching, taking part in research and night calls too.

Staff And Teaching

About 200 students enrol for the medical course in this university. The primary language of instruction is English. Tests for checking progress are conducted in the form of MCQs, oral examinations, portfolio, OSCE and presentations.

Admission And Enrolment

There is no option for enrolling online with the NVU Medical University. Relevant documents for enrolment and admission are:

  • School leaving certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Application as international student
  • International student's application
  • Police clearance
  • Transcript of records
  • Statement of details of the whereabouts of the candidate for the last 2 years
  • Scanned copy of passport


The attraction and admission of foreign, prospective students is conducted in cooperation with official representatives, having official agreements with NVU and relevant authorities. Agreements between the NVU and official representatives include, applicants have no other aims except for the aim to receive medical education while staying in the Georgia. Arrival and training expenses of foreign students at NVU include: Admission fee, Tuition fee, Hostel Accommodation fee. These payments must be made according to university rules and procedure. Living expenses of foreign students on their own, in compliance with university rules and procedures. >

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