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Cofounded in 2001, the Georgian American University is quite renowned. The central importance of the university is on the value of excellent quality education. Georgian American University consists of adequate and extremely qualified staff members.

About College- To build a distinguished educational hub in Georgia, GAU strives to guarantee the implementation of global education models in education and analysis. Georgian American University is one of the best universities for considering MBBS in Georgia. This is a co-educational institute established in Tbilisi. The MBBS program at this University is of 5 years. The medium of training for foreign scholars is English at this University. There are a couple of semesters at the Georgian American University.

Facilities- Medical study at Georgian American University is extremely powerful and universally accepted. Georgian American University presents several amenities that are essential for investigating and it also presents scientific exercises for students. Georgian American University presents several amenities that are essential for studying and it also presents accurate projects for students.

The ample parking lots of the University make a healthy atmosphere for college life. The university concentrates on the perpetual growth and modernization of its tools and equipment. The campus also has a wonderful Green Park for the recreation of students. Hostels present students with a very pleasant atmosphere to live in.
The hostels on the Universityof Georgian Medical University are provided with amenities like computer labs, libraries, learning centers, and pharmaceutical types of equipment. Learners also get Indian cuisine in the hostel.

Admission procedure- For admission, the applicant must be between the age brackets of 17 to 25 years old on the date of admission. The applicant must clear the NEET exam as it is necessary for scholars to come from India. It is necessary for the candidates to clear both TOEFL and IELTS exams.

 The University evaluates the papers sent by the pupils and then they require transferring the payments into the university’s account in the bank. After the payment is complete, within a month, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announces an accreditation report to the candidates.

Fee facility- Georgian American University contributes to world-class medical training at fair costs. With a 6 year period of study, Georgian American University extends the most excellent educational expertise to foreign student's training quality medical education with distinguished faculties. For these 6 years, the yearly fees can be almost between the ranges of Rs. 400000 to Rs. 450000. 

Benefits to choose Georgian American University Georgia:

  • Excellent quality education
  • Highly experienced and qualified faculty members
  • Best university to study MBBS
  • Located at ideal location
  • WHO and MCI approved
  • Globally recognized
  • Easy to avail benefits like student exchange programs in Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia
  • Highly effective education system
This is really a good college as it offers you high quality education and suitable environment for learning. You can complete your course without any hassle and achieve your goals, so go for it.

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