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Established in 2004, this is the newest college that can offer you quality education. More than 70 students from all across the globe join this college to achieve their long term goals. The main of this institution is to educate the next generation of best professionals in health services and health care sector.
The Birat Medical College is located in Biratnagar, Nepal. It was established by a group of intellectuals, academicians and highly committed professionals. The main aim of this institute is to make its students be able to use their capabilities in medical science and health technology in the best possible way and help people. Since its establishment, the institute has been providing high-quality education to the students. High standards and quality of education is maintained as it is highly required in today’s competitive environment.  Quality education makes students not only a noble human resource but also morally inspires to become an ideal citizen of the nation.
The College is situated in a very peaceful environment and this location is purposefully chosen to deafen the noise and crowd of the city Biratnagar. It has an excellent reputation in academics of the medical sciences. This popularity is achieved by this institution in a short period of time.

Birat medical college offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses which include four and half years and one year of mandatory internship after the final exam. The first year is of 2 year duration involving integrated basic medicine and community medicine. The second year is of one year duration and teaches many domains like forensic, gynecology, surgery and others. The final and the third year teach specialization like ENT, orthopedic, eye, dentistry, emergency medicine and others.

After successful completion of the course, the placement unit of the college makes sure that the eligible candidates get the best employment opportunities. Those who want to be doctors and are eligible to serve the medical industry, they can surely find this college a wonderful opportunity for them.

Admission is not totally based on money and This college provides financial help to the students with Birat Medical College scholarship programs. This program aims to provide support to the most deserving students. \
 Birat medical college scholarships are mainly provided to the students pursuing post-graduation and in some cases, it is provided at the under graduation level also.

The college is situated in Biratnagar, Nepal is built in a huge campus including all modern facilities such as digitized laboratories, big lecture halls and fully equipped auditorium. The operation theatres have the facility to conduct practical studies related to anesthesiology, radiology, biochemistry and many others. The hostel facility is also available for the students on the campus. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels have an adequate number of beds. The hostel as well as the campus is safe to live. Students also get the opportunity to participate in sports and other activities on the campus as a part of extracurricular activity.

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