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  • N. Saribekyan has over 30 years' work experience in scientific-pedagogical business
  • From 1975 up to 1991 N. Saribekyan worked in Armenian State Pedagogical Institute as lecturer, chief lecturer and associate professor thereon.
  • In 1988 N. Saribekyan upheld a thesis and was awarded a grade of candidate in biological sciences. He is an author of over 54 scientific researches and articles.
  • Up to now N. Saribekyan is the vice-chancellor of The University of Traditional Medicine which he founded in 1991. The university is unique by its peculiarity and doesn't have analogues in the region. The intention of the University is to prepare new quality medical doctor-specialists who will develop the medicine of the 21 st century through integration of traditional and contemporary medicines
  • Saribekyan's initiative of putting traditional medicine that has a secular history, in medical university educational process, as well as his service in developing the integrative medicine was best evaluated in the international conference organized in Cyprus and appraised as the first and forward try to prepare integrative medicine specialists in 1998
  • In 1998 N. Saribekyan was elected as corresponding member of International Academy of Integrative Medecine. In year 2005 the university supervised by N.Saribekyan was awarded a "gold medal" for excellent organization of practical activity by "FEBP" Geneva (Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice) international organization

Staff of the lecturers includes 2 academicians, 20 professors and 32 senior lecturers.

Way of education is daytime.

The graduates are awarded a graduation diploma, which is a state-authorized document asserting the higher education completion for state agencies.


There are the following faculties in the University:
The Faculty of General Medicine

  • Specialty - 0401 "General Medicine".
  • Duration of study - 6 years.
    After graduation from the faculty the students are awarded degree of "Physician"
  • The Faculty of Stomatology
    Specialty - 0404 "Stomatology".
  • Duration of study - 5 years.
    After graduation from the faculty the students are awarded degree of "Doctor of Stomatology" (Dentistry).

The university also has furnished and equipped laboratories and libraries for students use.

Preparatory Faculty:

  • Duration of study - 8 months.
    After finishing the course the listener enters the University without competition
  • Graduates of the University are skilled in methods of diagnostics and medical treatment both modern and traditional (iri do diagnostics, treatment with medicinal herbs, acupuncture treatment, homeopathic medicine, natural therapy, etc.).
  • Internship- Graduates continue their education in internship (duration: 1 year).
  • Clinical internship- Graduates of both University and internship may enter clinical internship (duration is from 1 to 4 years, depending on the profession chosen).
  • Access courses Access courses for eight-month function in the University; graduates of which enter the University without competition.


The involvement of UTM students in scientific and methodological work is done through

  • Participation in conferences, presentation of reports
  • Scientific publications (co-authored)
  • Participation in open discussions, scientific events, seminars
  • Participation in professors' researches
  • Participation in conferences organized by various medical institutions
  • Organizing "First Steps" workshop for new students

Conferences, presentations, open discussions along with popular scientific events organized by the SSA help the students to conduct scientific studies in the field of "Contemporary issues of traditional medicine" and in other areas.
The students, studying in different courses, and also the university graduates take part in researches.
Students have an opportunity to choose the preferred field of research. Students also have the opportunity to choose their preferred topic and scientific supervisor.
It has become a tradition for the Chair of "Traditional medicine" to organize inter-chair seminars with students and graduates.

SMTC(Scientific Medical Training Center):

University's Scientific Medical Training Center provides medical and scientific services. The chair of "Traditional Medicine" and the dental offices are located in the Training Center and, in addition to educational activities, perform the following services:
general medical practice, needle-burning therapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy, neurology, reflexotherapy, endocrinology and physiotherapy.
therapeutic dentistry, dental surgery and orthopedic dentistry.
Medical Training Center cooperates with local and international non-governmental organizations to enhance the effectiveness of its activities, taking into account the students' and society's needs and expanding the scope of its activities.
The integration of traditional and modern medicine is also practiced in the SMTC, which makes the treatment more effective.
Medical services of the Training Center are provided for inhabitants of the regions, foreign citizens and university students.

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